Chiropractic Desire

Many of you have talked to a Chiropractor at one time or another.  They seem bent on getting you into the office to get you “fixed”.  Most people think, “Wow this person is really pushing me!”   For that I apologize on all our behalf!  Here’s the deal- Chiropractors with other “alternative” healers do something that the medical profession cannot boast about, and without duplicating what we do, cannot achieve.   We make small changes to joints, muscles and nerves that allow your body to HEAL ITSELF!  Yes, that is right, we make no claim that we got you well. It is simply by removing these roadblocks that your body is now able to do what it always does, but more effectively.

So the “pushing” we are doing is actually out of excitement about having the education and knowledge to remove those neuro-musculoskeletal roadblocks and to help your body be all that it can be.

The next road block for most perspective patients is, “once I start going to the Chiropractor I will always have to go.”  Is this any different than, “once I start taking this drug for this ‘condition’ I will always have to take it”?  But we do- we take medications that for the most part in time will cause their own set of problems.  These problems are called “side effects” as if pushing them to the side will not show the DIRECT relationship to the medication.  This is one of the places that Chiropractic care, administered sparingly, will shine.   The “side effects” of Chiropractic care are as follows, better sleep, more energy because of less pain, a stronger immune system because the same system in the body that receives pain signals ALSO controls the immune system.  Have you ever wondered why people that are healthier and have less pain are also less likely to get sick?  My advice to you is to find a Chiropractor that does NOT need 3 visits a week for 8 weeks to make a significant change in your health, and/or that you need to see the Chiropractor every week thereafter to “feel better”.  What a good Chiropractor will give you is sustainability, which means you do not need to rely on them constantly to feel healthy.

Here at Utah Sports and Wellness we have such a plan.  Check out our 6 visit protocol on our home page. If you still have questions call us at the office to set up a free consult to see if our office is right for you.  One last thing: by and large, people that get into any part of the health care field get into it because they love and care and want to help others.  That is why we come on so strong, because we don’t like to see people not achieving all that they can because of pain or infirmity.

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