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Nutrition and Fueling for Endurance Athletes- Sports Nutrition Basics Part 1

By: Breanne Nalder, MS, RDN Here is Part 1 of a new blog series from our partners at Plan7 Endurance Coaching.   As athletes, we are always working to improve performance. Proper nutrition can help you reach your athletic potential, so being well-fueled is crucial to getting the most out of each workout. Here are [...]

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Clinical Control: Does Your Doctor Make You Part of the Equation?

By: Dr. Michael Cerami  January 2018   As patients become more involved in their health care choices, they predictably want more control over their choices and their health care. Starting a journey with a new doctor can be a bit intimidating; they’re a lot of unknowns. Most important in the patient mind is “How soon [...]

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Back to the Future

By Dr. Michael Cerami   December 2017  I recently re-connected with a client that I haven’t talked to in over 20 years. It was exciting to see how our lives have unfolded. In a lot of ways, we picked up right where we left off. After talking a bit, he decided to fly out to Salt [...]

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“Can you fix my probem?”

By Dr. Michael Cerami, D.C. It’s essential that any business answers this question clearly and honestly. It’s one thing to get new people to come in to your business, its entirely another that they are satisfied when they leave. Just this morning, I spent 90 fruitless minutes on the phone with Comcast answering their questions [...]

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“What’s causing this problem and why should I choose you to fix it?”

By Dr. Michael Cerami, D.C. Another important question in the search for medical answers is that the patient wants to understand their problem. Every physician knows that one of our primary jobs is to help explain what is causing the patients symptoms and what our unique solution would be. Only then can the patient decide [...]

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“How long will it take to fix my problem?”

By Dr. Michael Cerami, D.C. Whether the patient asks me this directly or not, I know from experience this question is on everyone’s mind before they call us or at their first visit/examination. This is #1 of the four most important things we can answer for the client (I’ll cover the other 3 in the [...]

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The Health Lift

By: Art O'Connor, Strength and Conditioning Coach WUKAR Fit I get asked a lot, “If you could only do 1 lift in the gym what would it be?” For the sake of argument, I won’t ask my usual snarky follow up, “Why on Earth would you want to go to the gym and only do [...]

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FSM Seminar

By: Stephanie Anaya Here at Utah Sports and Wellness, we use a treatment called Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM).  Dr. Cerami has treated tons of patients with FSM and I knew how successful of a treatment it is, but didn’t fully appreciate the treatment until I attended an FSM seminar.  FSM can help treat anything from [...]

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