“Can you fix my probem?”

By Dr. Michael Cerami, D.C.

It’s essential that any business answers this question clearly and honestly. It’s one thing to get new people to come in to your business, its entirely another that they are satisfied when they leave. Just this morning, I spent 90 fruitless minutes on the phone with Comcast answering their questions 3 times over and at the end hung more frustrated than when I began because they still hadn’t fixed my problem.  Today’s consumer is very time limited and very skeptical which means they need to be as sure as possible before they spend dollar one and minute one at a new business. And I’m the same way! With this in mind, let me answer the question; “Can you fix my problem?”

I’d like to think at Utah Sports and Wellness, we do a lot of things really well and we “stay in our lane”. What that means is that we focus on what we’re good at and refer out the things that we’re not trained in. I think some people in my profession feel that a chiropractic adjustment is good for everything. I believe this too, BUT, I don’t think the adjustment is the primary tool for solving all problems. Our primary focus is wellness and sports injuries which translates loosely into nerves, muscles, joint alignment and soft tissue problems. We do those things all day long and I have over 30 years’ experience in that space. What we don’t do is try and fix every symptom under the sun. No one can be good at everything.

I believe we have an 80-90% success rate with the patients we accept. Yes, you may fall into that 10-20% category, but, we’ll know that usually with a few visits and help you find another solution. If you’re unsure about what we can do for you try these 9 steps. Every step should provide you the confidence you need to proceed:

  1. Read up on our website; watch the videos.
  2. Call the office and speak with my staff. (801-486-1818)
  3. Call the office and set up a 5 minutes no-charge phone consultation with me.
  4. Schedule a 30-minute limited area examination or a full 60-minute examination.
  5. Bring a significant other to help ask any questions.
  6. Read over the material we provide.
  7. Get a second opinion.
  8. Schedule a series of 2 to 6 visits.
  9. Ask questions at your progressive examination.

We can’t promise 100% success with every client but we can promise you we’ll be fair, honest, clear, caring and on time. We hope to see you soon.

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