Brent came to see us for Plantar Fasciitis (PF) from a referral at the Salt Lake Running Company. I’ve have good success on patients with PF in the past from studying with one of my mentors that works on NFL players and pro athletes Dr. Hatrak, . Dr. Hatrak and I have been friends and colleagues for over 25 years and he has pioneered many clinical protocols that work exceptionally well.

Brent had struggled with the problem for over a year and seen all of the doctors and specialists he could find with no results. As is more usual than I would like to admit, we were his last choice. His examination showed hip rotation and leg discrepancies, weak muscles, and misaligned bones in his feet, ankle rotation and cervical subluxations. I adjusted his hips, feet and knees and lasered his low back; within 2 visits Brent had relief from pain for the first time in over a year. Now 3 weeks later, he is leaving for a vacation to Europe and is thrilled his feet won’t be hurting with all the walking he’ll be doing. He is so excited he has referred his wife in to see us.

I know there are many people that have injuries that won’t go away no matter what they try. Brent tried everything he and the doctors could think of. There is plenty of information on Plantar Fasciitis and other treatments for sports injuries on the internet and many of them will work. I’m all for self-correction and self treatment, but there’s also a time to be honest with yourself and understand that you may need to see a professional to help you solve your problem. We pride ourselves on having techniques that are very effective and in many cases get success (in a few visits) where others have failed. Don’t give up; call or email us to and find out if we can help.

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