Before It’s Too Late

Years ago my friend, a smoker in his 50’s, went to his doctor for his yearly check-up and chest x-ray. When the doctor came out and told him his lungs were still clear he breathed a sigh of relief. The doctor, who had been his family physician for many years said, “Come back to my office and let’s talk, Paul.” He proceeded to tell him that if he had found cancer on his x-rays that it was already too late. Just because Paul felt “fine” didn’t mean he could continue to make poor lifestyle choices without suffering the consequences.

This, unfortunately, conveys the attitude of many Americans. They say, “Well I will start that diet tomorrow, after all I feel fine right now.” Many serious health problems are “subclinical” meaning that they have few or no recognizable symptoms until it’s too late. The same thing applies to a serious neck, back, knee, or shoulder problem. While these things might give you a little discomfort from time to time it’s really nothing to worry about right? Tell that to the person who ignored their musculoskeletal problems for years until they needed surgery.

As we all know surgery is a life changing event, in many ways. Time off from work, expense of the actual surgery, and sometimes a complete change in what we can even accomplish physically. All of this would have been avoided with a little maintenance on your body, BEFORE the problem got out of hand. This is what Chiropractic is for! A quick once over “house inspection” can save money and time in the long run. If you are feeling those little aches and pains that last for several days to a few weeks, come in and get a quick inspection and see what can be done inexpensively and quickly to put you back into the passing lane in life and allow you to do and be all you desire to be.

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