Back to the Future

By Dr. Michael Cerami   December 2017 

I recently re-connected with a client that I haven’t talked to in over 20 years. It was exciting to see how our lives have unfolded. In a lot of ways, we picked up right where we left off. After talking a bit, he decided to fly out to Salt Lake for a few days of treatment to get ready for his upcoming season. Let me explain. 

I first started working on Doug Koenig in 1989 when met me at my practice in Pennsylvania. We were both getting started on our professional journeys back then; me as a chiropractor and he was a few years into his career as a professional shooter. He had quite a bit of success before we connected as he had won the world championship and many other high caliber events around the globe. Doug was referred in by his brother, whose family I was taking care of (we were able to significantly reduce asthma in the families 4-year-old twin boys which was quite a thrill for everyone).

1991 Bianchi Championship

Well, one thing led to another, and Doug liked what I did, and he continued to produce outstanding results in the shooting world. This led us to developing a plan where, for his most high stakes matches, he would have me travel to the events to make sure his body was firing on all cylinders to maximize his performance. This guy was serious about being the best and getting consistently great results! This was quite a thrill for me as a young doctor to be valued so highly and I can still remember to this day my first trip from Pennsylvania to Missouri feeling so excited about contributing to his success. We ran this plan through 1995 where I would take care of him locally, keeping his body tuned up and then travel when needed. It was a fun period and his excellence kept coming. I learned a lot from being around a professional that was at the top of his field, including the importance of effective preparation, continued discipline, everyday focus and real confidence.  

1994 (When I was so young!)

As life changes we slowly lost touch in 1995 when I moved to Salt Lake and went our separate ways. Years passed until May of this year where I had some opportunities to extend my work with the Philadelphia Eagles and in a roundabout way, Doug’s name came up. I looked him up online and was excited but not surprised the guy had a hugely successful career and was still one of the best shooters in the world. Here are just a few of his accomplishments: 

  • Winner of more than 70 National and World Championships 
  • 2016 NRA World Shooting Champion 
  • 2016 Florida Open Carry Optics Division 
  • 10-time World Champion 
  • 2-time Gold Medal Rifle winner at ESPN Great Outdoor Games 
  • 18-time Bianchi Cup winner 
  • 5 time European Bianchi Cup Champion 
  • 21-time Masters International Championship winner 
  • 6-time World Action Pistol Champion 
  • Winner of the International Practical Shooting Confederation World Championship 
  • 3-time World Speed Shooting Champion/Steel Challenge 
  • 19-time member Sportsman’s Team Challenge Champions 

He has won over 70 National and World shooting titles and currently also has his own TV show. Right on Doug!  

As we started talking, we reconnected on many levels. My career has unfolded in many ways where I can provide quite a bit more than I did in 1995. Doug was mentioning a few challenges that his body was talking to him about and I felt like we had some solutions. Well, one thing I love about working with professionals is that they can make decisions…FAST! Doug immediately booked a flight to Salt Lake for 3 days of treatment at my office. Perfect timing as his training season was scheduled to start after the new year. I took his through a full examination and we did a ton of work in a short period of time and gave him some “secret weapons” to help him stay at the top of the podium in 2018 and beyond.   

December 2017

We never know where life is going to take us and its always a thrill to watch things unfold into new and unexpected ways. Here’s to a great year for Doug and all our clients. Stay excited, healthy and passionate about what you do! 

You can follow Doug on his website here: 

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