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Nutrition and Fueling for Endurance Athletes- Sports Nutrition Basics Part 1

By: Breanne Nalder, MS, RDN Here is Part 1 of a new blog series from our partners at Plan7 Endurance Coaching.   As athletes, we are always working to improve performance. Proper nutrition can help you reach your athletic potential, so being well-fueled is crucial to getting the most out of each workout. Here are [...]

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Clinical Control: Does Your Doctor Make You Part of the Equation?

By: Dr. Michael Cerami  January 2018   As patients become more involved in their health care choices, they predictably want more control over their choices and their health care. Starting a journey with a new doctor can be a bit intimidating; they’re a lot of unknowns. Most important in the patient mind is “How soon [...]

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Back to the Future

By Dr. Michael Cerami   December 2017  I recently re-connected with a client that I haven’t talked to in over 20 years. It was exciting to see how our lives have unfolded. In a lot of ways, we picked up right where we left off. After talking a bit, he decided to fly out to Salt [...]

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I Had Never Felt Pain Like This

By: Andrea J. Snow, LMT On a hot, July day a few summers ago, I fell flat on my butt ice-skating. Turns out, I’m not as agile as I used to be. I felt ok for a few minutes, but by the time I got to the car, I was definitely in pain. By that [...]

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Decrease Your Inflammation with Supplements

Many people are walking around with chronic inflammation, caused from stress, asthma, poor diet, weight gain, smoking, etc.  Chronic inflammation can also be caused from an acute inflammation attack.  Chronic pain is caused from chronic inflammation and 100 million Americans have it.  Chronic inflammation needs to be attended to because it can lead to cancer, [...]

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Dr. Cerami is pleased to introduce our guest blogger this month, Lisa Menninger. Lisa has been his running coach and friend since she moved here from Chicago four years ago.  She is an extremely gifted person with talents that go far beyond run coaching.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy her heart-felt article this month talking about [...]

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The Effects of Massage Therapy on Athletes

If you don’t know about the specific benefits of massage therapy on athletes, you have probably at least heard that they exist. Some examples are increased energy, quicker recovery, or better performance. Let’s look at some specifics of why massage therapy should be a part of every athlete’s training program. Massage feels great, but it’s [...]

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