I was driving to school that morning going over the things that I had to accomplish that day. I had just parked my car two and a half blocks from school. I couldn’t wait to talk to my friend that morning; I began to walk towards her…

I woke up on the cold blacktop from what I thought was a dream. I was so tired; my body was so heavy I was so confused. I slipped in and out of consciousness that whole day and that which I remember am not clear if it’s from memory or from a vivid imagination based on stories told to me. I couldn’t feel my legs, my back was killing me, and my head hurt like it had never hurt before. O asked repetitively what had happened always receiving the same response, “you’ve been hit by a car.”

I don’t remember much of anything else except for being in x-ray for hours and hours. To the medical team’s surprise there was nothing visibly wrong. I had no breaks of any kind just deep bruising on my legs and thighs road rash on my face and arms, a cut on my chin and a gash on the back of my head. At this point I was in pain off of the charts. I was released the next day by my request.

In the weeks to come I would be in bed pretty much all day except for when my mom wasn’t looking and then of course I would be up “walking”, forcing myself into a speedy recovery. Walking around made me nervous, for different reasons. One, I could feel a remarkable difference in my strength, basically I had none. Second, I was so weak and it hurt so much that it was hard to keep my spirits up about ever dancing again. Third, I couldn’t walk without the aid of something and I was walking like half of my body was higher than the other, it was. Reading gave me headaches, I had trouble staying focused and the words on the page were an absolute mess. All I could do was sleep.

Second semester was about to start against my family’s wishes I went back to school not even a month after my accident. In dance classes I would dress to move, but I was considerably slower than I was before and my knee and my back were just not cooperating the slightest bit. Underneath I was so discouraged, but I refused to let it show. I was very limited as to what I could do so most of the time I was home on the couch. I tried to work out, but it hurt and I didn’t feel it was beneficial.

The months continued to pass. I was still unable to move around like I used to, was still very tired and I hated to socialize. College started and unfortunately for me it only lasted for three days. On the third day of school, I came home feeling sadder than I had ever been, I was very lonely, scared, and I had a feeling of uselessness. I was tired, but I couldn’t sleep. It was so bad that it resulted in yet another trip to the doctor. I was diagnosed on the spot with social anxiety disorder, depression, and post concussion syndrome. I was put on the prescription drug Paxil. In about four weeks I noticed that going out became a little easier, I slept through the night, and generally my mood was better. I continued to go to physical therapy as well. I was given exercises that I did every day. I had to get better so I could resume normal active life. My body was always so tight, it hurt to lie down, to sit, to stand, to walk, and I couldn’t even run. I was so miserable.

It was in December that I finally found relief. It was nearly a year since the accident had occurred and not one thing had really improved. The pain had gotten gradually worse, not better. The prescription medicine made my personality change and I became very violent. I hated my friends and refused to go out, I cried all the time, I felt I had nothing to live for.

The latest symptom I had was inability to move my arms. No matter they were in I was always in pain. I was on my way to another doctor appointment, but first I wanted a massage. The lady who had given me the massages gave me referral to a holistic chiropractor. At this point I had nothing to lose. It was on Christmas Eve that I had my first appointment. About 6-10 sessions later I could not believe how measurable my progress had already been. I continued to go with much success. Before I knew it I was running; working out like I had pre-accident. I then got off my medicine with supervision of my doctor and began to take herbs that were specified for my needs. Not two months had passed before I was working out like a pro, mending forgotten friendships, cracking jokes, and embracing life. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Cerami. I have since taken my success and shared it with friends and family. Those that have chosen to take actions in healing their pain now know what I am talking about. Problems sometimes arise, but it is nothing that can’t be treated and over time helped. I have since forgotten about traditional doctors and have found a greater success by working with my body rather that against it.

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