Andrea L.

“½ Marathon, Here I Come!”

Andrea is a 34 year old Mom who wants to complete a ½ marathon but has been struggling with a painful right foot for 3 years. I met her at the Salt Lake Running Company where I did a brief evaluation of her complaints and made some recommendations. Andrea tried a few of our home therapies and then made an appointment to see me at the office.

Andrea had seen a few health care professionals prior to us with no success. One physician told her she “shouldn’t be running”. Andrea reported that her pain would increase in direct relationship to the amount of time she was on her feet. Her examination revealed 4 major problems:

  • Pronation in her feet bilaterally which we corrected with taping and inserts
  • Weak lower extremity muscles.
  • Forward rotation in her left hip.
  • Subluxated Navicular bone on her right foot.

I treated each of these problems on consecutive visits along with addressing her inflammation with Angstrom Magnesium and fish oil supplementation and Frequency Specific Microcurrent.

Andrea made substantial symptomatic improvement after her first visit and within 6 office visits she is starting to run with no pain. Her goal is to complete her ½ marathon next spring. She is very happy to be pain free and will continue to work with us while she is layering on the additional miles leading up to her event.

Dr. Cerami

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