Alex L.

Alex is a 22 year old engineer working in Salt Lake temporarily and originally from Kentucky. He is an athlete and spends his time running and weight lifting when not at work. His chief complaint on an initial visit to our office was headaches after doing a strenuous squat and pain radiating to the top and back of his head. He rated the pain a 7 out of 10 and had no change in pain day or night.

Our exam showed misaligned vertebra in his neck and mid back, weak muscles on his left side accompanied with a elevated left shoulder of 1-2″ higher than the right side. We also found bilateral foot pronation.

First visit treatment include spinal adjustments, cold laser neurological up regulation, adjustments to the feet and knees and muscle work on the glutes and rhomboids.

Alex reported less pain after one visit and reported he was 50% better after his second visit. We continued a treatment protocol to correct and stabilize the neuro-spinal system and prescribed a pair of orthotics. Alex reported increasing his dead lift weight from 185 pounds to 225 pounds within 3 weeks. (His lifting partner wonders what he did to get stronger so quickly!). This is the most he has ever lifted and he reports feeling great.

After 12 total visits, he has chosen a once per month wellness visit and continues to be pain free.

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