Our Approach

Our Treatment Philosophy

We believe the body is a self-healing, self-repairing, living system that works better in a natural state of being. Everything that we recommend at the office has been personally vetted and used by Dr. Cerami, with good results. We believe in people and know they sometimes need help to maximize their inborn healing potential. We offer safe, affordable and effective services that people can use whenever they want to help them feel and perform better.

Our Business Model

While other offices may recommend extended care plans, costly office visits, x-rays and frequent visits based around the patients insurance coverage, we take a much simpler approach. We seek to earn our patients’ trust by limiting our recommendations and by getting them results quickly, all while staying within each patient’s time and financial needs — whether they have insurance or not. We post our fees on our website and charge the same fees to everyone. We feel this approach builds a valuable, long-term relationship.

Our Treatment Approach

We seek to find out what is going wrong and putting it right as quickly as possible using a range of hands-on chiropractic and sports medicine techniques. Our practitioners have over 33 years of experience treating and managing sports injuries. Often an athlete will approach us for a tune up but won’t be in any pain. We screen for biomechanical and distortions and muscle weakness and treat them with hands-on adjusting and AMIT muscle work to get the body firing on all cylinders again.

GOAL: We want to answer the following four questions on your first appointment and get to work on getting you better.

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Image representing the number 4HOW MUCH WILL IT COST?

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