2013 Boulder 70.3 Ironman

Boulder Ironman

Many of you know that this was my revenge race. After last year’s catastrophic event when I tried to race with an abscessed tooth under the influence of narcotics (it didn’t turn out too well- see my blog for details) I wanted to have a good race this year. I was mostly successful. 

The weather was again perfect and I love spending time in the Boulder Longmont area. I got an adjustment and massage the day before the race and because I had a lot of time on my hands, I stayed across the street from the motel to Oskar Blues to have a few meals and listen to some bluegrass music.

Race Day: I’ve got my pre-race meals in the morning dialed in and because I was staying in Longmont, I was able to get into the race venue from the north side (BIG time saver if you ever do this race).

SWIM: The swim had the new “Rolling Start” where triathletes seed themselves in a wave based on their finish times. I think it actually worked very well; there was no real crowding and the waves seemed to be spread out evenly. I was happy with my 35:05 swim time (7th in my age group) and I think part of the improvement is that I’ve been sighting better and only swam 1.25 miles this time (race distance is 1.2 miles). I think with another 9 months of dedication I can get down under 33:00 minutes.

Transition #1: I made a conscious effort to take a little more time in transition and put my socks on prior to the bike. I lost some time because I left my timing chip back on ground after I took my wetsuit off and consequently had to go back and get it.

BIKE: Bike segment felt great. I had a guy hit me on the way out of transition #1 which forced me to stop and realign my wheel but other than that things went very smoothly. The course was fast and probably the best roads I’ve ever been on in my 18 years of racing. I kept my heart rate right where I needed it and came in with a 2:47:00 time; just over a 20 mph average.

Transition #2: Straightforward, quick bike rack, belt on and off to the run.

RUN: I’ll cut to the chase. The run was about 20 minutes slower than I expected as again a fueling issue caused me to walk a number of times after the ½ way point. The bad news is that it was 20

Overall: My final time was 5:49:30. I think I can get below 5:30:00 next year if I stay on my training and clean up some loose ends. The race was really fun. I’m surprised there are not more participants from Utah for this race. Check it out as the 70.3 Ironman race moves to early June in 2014 (This may be an alternative to Boise 70.3 for some of you) to make room for the 1st ever Boulder Ironman. minutes. The good news is that it was 20 minutes if I can find the solution it will be a significant time reduction.

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